Peer-to-peer text messaging

The peer to peer texting revolution is here.

Communicate with your supporters, constituents, parishioners or customers where they want to hear from you: text.

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Text is going to kill email.

If you need to reach someone, you don’t email them — you text them. Opn Sesame lets you do the same for your campaign or business.

90% of texts are read within 5 minutes
5x click-thru rate of email
12x email’s conversion rate

No other channel has the engagement and scale of peer to peer texting

Direct-to-consumer sales

Reach customers you already know and make a sale

Lapsed donors

Re-engage supporters on the channel they want to use.


Stop killing your list. 1 text packs the punch of 10 emails.

Event signups

Get your supporters to show up the same way you’d ask your friends and family: text them.

App downloads

Squeeze more out of your email list – text them an app download link and grow faster.


The game has changed. Text to turnout and win in November!

Branding & persuasion

Send MMS videos in a message progression or track video link clicks to measure frequency and persuade your audience.

Email opt-ins

Send surveys, polls or opt-ins via text to grow your email list.

For the first time ever: easily grow your sms list

P2P <> API <> SMS

Opn Sesame integrates into the major sms short code providers so you can peer to peer text your email/supporter list and ask them if they want to opt into your sms list. If they text back in the affirmative they are automatically added to your sms short code file via API.

Idiot-proof dashboard

We designed the back end of Opn Sesame to look like other marketing and communication tools you’ve used before.

Your customers want to hear from you. We can help you reach them.

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